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Wellspring will remain closed for the month of July as we see how the community spread of the virus will play out as people start to interact with each other more each day.  As of now, I do not believe the benefits of massage are worth the risk of transmitting this disease to my clients.  I believe the medical community still needs more time to test, evaluate and treat. I am keeping up with the research and recommendations from my professional massage therapy organization.  I am taking this month by month and adhere to the motto of "do no harm" which I have always kept close to my heart.  My intuition is telling me that it is too early still to return to the table. As you all know, it is impossible to maintain the social distancing recommendation with the work we do together.  So far as a community we have done a great deal in staying home, keeping distance, taking precautions seriously and keeping our numbers low.  I'm still figuring out what my "new" healing approach will be in the future.  I sit in meditation each day with this in mind.

Namaste ( the light in me, sees, acknowledges and honors the light in you)

Kathryn Crum, LMT


Kathryn Crum, L.M.T 

Licensed Massage Therapist  2001

Neural Reset Therapy 2017


Check out this incredible therapy at http://www.neuralreset.net/

 Based on two scientific Laws of the nervous system, we can return your muscles to their optimal tonus without strain or discomfort to you!  No getting undressed, no lotions, no lying on your stomach. You gotta feel it to believe it!                        

I customize each treatment just for you! 

Custom Massage 30, 60 or 90 minutes

Neural Reset Therapy 30 or 60 minutes

Foot & Hand & Ear Reflexology 60 minutes

Office Hours   Monday - Thursday   11-5 (winter)            

I have been practicing massage therapy since 1990.

I opened Wellspring Therapeutic Massage Center in 2001. (dba Wellspring Therapeutics)

I have been trained in Neural Reset Therapy upper & lower body basics in 2017.

I am a down-to-earth holistic health practitioner with professional standards.

I look forward to working with you soon.



Missouri License #2001009943


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